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Find Freedom Overseas

About OCG

Welcome to Offshore Consulting Group, your trusted partner with over a decade of experience in strategic offshore diversification.


Whether you're a high net worth individual or a business with over 100.000$ yearly tax liability, we're here to help you achieve financial freedom, access new markets, and build a lasting legacy.


Explore our services in offshore incorporation, second citizenships, and residences. 


We’ve recently launched our international real estate division. We have teams in place in several countries to assist clients in purchasing overseas real estate, either for personal use or cash flow. 

Book a consultation call today and let's unlock your financial potential together!

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 Matthew Quering

I would strongly recommend OCG's services to anyone looking to broaden their international horizons.

Colt Burks

I'd highly recommend this group and Martin specifically if you find yourself also looking for more freedom.

Benjamin Morone

I needed expert advice on travel and income details. Martin responded promptly and provided a solution within an hour of contact. Thanks again. I'll be back for more assistance!

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