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Matthew Quering

Martin is very professional and knowledgeable in his domain. I requested services for acquiring a visa internationally and Martin thoroughly explained and guided me through the process. Highly recommend Martin’s services for those looking to expand their international presence.

Colt Burks

I reached out to Martin after it became clear that I needed multiple passports and to legally keep as much of my income as possible. My work is location independent, so based on my needs, Martin put together a 3 step plan of how, when, why, and where I needed to set up business and residency. He also advised me of what pitfalls/costly mistakes to avoid in order to maximize my freedom. The consult alone was a wealth of knowledge. He turned a vague idea in my mind to a concrete plan of action that I'm currently implementing. I'd highly recommend this group and Martin specifically if you find yourself also looking for more freedom.


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