The first thing to do is create a plan so we know what we’re doing.

That means I will actually listen to you and seek to understand every area of your situation. Then I’ll give you a mix of practical knowledge and real-life experience.

Complete our application. It takes a few minutes and will help us make sure you’re a good fit. Get a response within 3-4 days.


Once you submit the application you’ll schedule a call to assess your situation 1-on-1. We will go over your specific wants and needs and answer any questions you have. If we decide to work together, you’ll pay our fee and we’ll start working.

We’ll begin our multi-week diagnostic process. I’ll personally gather information about every detail of your situation to provide a proper diagnosis. No detail will be left out. You’ll spend about five hours on the phone, and we’ll handle the rest behind the scenes.


Our diagnostic work will culminate with a phone call where we’ll present your holistic Plan step-by-step. Every detail will be covered, from banking, taxes, and structures. Ask any questions you want, and we’ll follow-up with a written plan after the call.

Offshore Incorporation

This service will get you a simple corporation in a Tax Favorable Country. During our consultation we will determine what type of structure , country, and banking will fit your needs better. 

$8500 USD For most situations

Second Residency and Citizenship

After our initial consultation we will draft up a personalized plan for you, taking into account your unique tax, lifestyle, and business needs. This plan will detail all of the necessary items to be accomplished to realize your dream of offshore living. Included is access to our worldwide network of lawyers, estate agents, and tax professionals. We will file most of the paperwork on your behalf when possible.

$12,500 USD For an individual. Families and complex situations will be more

1 HR Call

Book a quick consultation if you need info on an area, or have a few questions as to the process. This is a great option if you purchased our Country Guides and are planning on completing the process on your own, or just have a few questions to gather information.

$250 USD per hr

Second Residency and Citizenship DIY

This is a very cost effective way to get a ton of information on a particular country, actionable steps, any personal insights into the process, as well as an introduction to any contacts we have in country. We will determine what Residency or Citizenship fits your situation best and give you a step by step guide to accomplish. 

$1,500 USD For an individual